Learn how some of our most successful customers use the real-time NAG Geo Platform for their needs.



GTiP Mobile Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) application was used to kick-off the Joint Planning Development Office (JPDO) Joint forces training exercise to prevent the next 9-11. GTiP uses Mobile GPS to determine the location from which the SAR is being sent, and based on this, disseminates it on NAG’s GTiP User Interface to the appropriate law enforcement officials for that geographical region. GTiP allows for cross agency communication and and tracking.


Originally built as a mobile solution (named CrisisDirect) to support the disaster in Sendai, Japan on Sept 9, 2011. We connect people who need help with people who want to help before, during and after natural-disasters and severe-weather events. We bring together -- for the first time via a global digital platform -- citizens in need of disaster relief with government First Responders on a local, municipal, county, state and nationwide basis.


A powerful notification and event-driven awareness application which allows users to set predefined locations with radius or polygon buffer areas as part of the notification criteria. As soon as an event is detected or reported, EDN sends activity report notification in the format of email or text message instantaneously to each pre-identified stakeholders. Notifications also pop up on the dashboard, and if desired voice activation prompts the dispatcher to respond to the emergency incident. Large dashboards are presented on large screens or as screensavers for enterprises.


Fintech analytics Dashboards

NAG platform includes real-time operator and investor dashboards that analyze investments geographically for highly differentiated regional markets. Real-time stock data tickers are tracked with capacity to set thresholds for alerts to be triggered and notifications sent directed to specific users. Our sites display news feeds and carousels to review inventory and (point-of-sale) sales of related products. NAG built New Froniter Data fintech dashboard and reporting solution is used by and countless investors and operators.


HIPPA compliant Augment Reality solution to help telemedicine visits and virtual consultations throughout the world. Telemedicine is a widely expanding healthcare delivery system that utilizes a combination of telecommunications and information technology for real-time sharing of medical information between physicians and patients. Seamless visualization of Electronic Health Records (EHR) / Electronic Medical Record (EMR) history visualization. Integration with over 200+ devices.


WOrld interactive study environment (WISE)

Universities teach summer courses in different cities around the world which involve extensive field trips to various cities. NAG is providing a mobile, web, desktop and dashboard system to capture in real time and transmit a virtual interactive remote session abroad to convey a shared live educational experience and to chronicle them in a multimedia web format.

ENVIRONMENTAL impact visualization

200 planned wind turbines placed in the planned locations and it impacts on the environment. A fly-through over the island of Lanai, Hawaii. A fly-through tour video with Walter Media.


Property location editor

Built for customers with large numbers of properties locally and globally. NAG property editor allows our customers to quickly build a real-estate asset management system which allows for accurate address and location capture methods. This solution also connects to large real-estate platforms and databases for existing asset management systems. Connects with: IBM Tririga, IBM Maximo, Archibus, Procore, Oracle, Amazon Aurora, Microsoft SQL, MYSQL, BIGTABLE and several others.

HIstorical archive and mapping

A mapping application originally built for the Library of Congress to archive several hundreds of years of their historical map collection. This application works with MarkLogic and connects with a large archive of un-structured data-sets.


Stream View is a concept built for USGS that integrates 3-D mapping with geo-referenced videos and images through a web interface.

The objective of this concept is to develop a user interface to collect, store, and map various types of photos and videos of streams and their surrounding riparian areas, taking into consideration current and future uses and their requirements, optimizing costs & interoperability. All indexed rivers and streams throughout the United States are eligible for Stream View.


Windows on Earth

Windows on Earth enables astronauts to more easily photograph the earth. WOE is an on-premise virtual 3D environment, computing the exact location of the International Space Station and upcoming targets to replicate what astronauts see out of the Space Station Windows.

space asset tracking

Integrated with Google Maps and Earth, NAG built tracking and visualization tool for the Curiosity Rover. Integrated with imagery and data-sets provided by NASA.

AIR & SPACE Situational awareness

Originally built and deployed for the Federal Aviation Administration headquarter. NAG's AIR & SPACE SIG (Situational Intelligence Globe) allows for real-time millisecond tracking of over 50k moving assets and connectivity and integration with a large number of databases to provide situational awareness, notifications and reports.


enterprise workforce tracking

NAGCONNECT is the ultimate browser based real-time mobile workforce management tool. It allows instant analysis of the situation around the mobile workforce, enables effective communication across the enterprise and effortless mobile field personnel management worldwide. NC Does the following: Workforce Logistics (WL), Dashboards (DASH), Drive for Work (DFW), Field Survey and Data collection (FS), Automated Publishing (AP), Event driven Notification (EDN)

nfl predictions

The Steer-The-Line AI drives the predictive analytics that projects quantitative NFL statistics to gauge the relative strengths of each team against their opponents each week to derive a data-driven outcome for each of up to 16 games each week over the last four years. NAG’s spreads have consistently beat the Las Vegas odds during this time. NAG’s performance has varied between 57% and 80% during both the regular and playoff season.

Virtual utility management

Virtual Utility is an automated sanitation planning and design tool that tracks parameters from design and construction through the complete project cycle, ending up with a comprehensive asset management system to serve as a base to manage sanitation maintenance operations. The application includes a field survey capability that allows engineers to walk the site taking field notes and photographs to support construction activity.

Travel Analytics

NAG Travel Analytics module connects with small to large enterprises and their existing travel management systems to provided real-time analysis of travel trends and associated costs.

Travel Chronicles

Travel Chronicles is a Google Apps, Maps Engine, and Earth Enterprise product which works on-premise and on secure cloud, and ties in with big-data solutions and enterprise databases, best described as a Geo-Tagged Media Gallery to provide a travel reports and stores multi-media content for situational awareness and content gathering applications.