NAG leverages 27+ years of technology deployment experience in the public and private sectors to provide innovative solutions utilizing strategy partnerships,collaboration and where required, financial investment. We provide rapid prototype development leveraging our strategic partner environment to deploy earth and space solutions.Concept development and technology implementation is based on emerging infrastructure to build scale-able applications that are simple and intuitive.

GEOGRAPHIC information systems

Since 1991, NAG's primary projects are have been Geographi Information Systems (GIS) based. NAG has assisted in bringing United States local, state, federal government agencies and large private organizations actionable clarity to information with real-time visual-rendering technology. Our largest group of seasoned specialists are PhDs and Engineers in Geospatial technologies.

technology strategy

Whether you lead a software, hardware, services, storage, or components business, you know that technology demands a combination of long-term vision and on-a-dime adaptability. NAG's cross-sector expertise and global insights help organizations compete and thrive in an industry where innovation is constant.

application development

NAG specializes in multi-platform web/mobile software and connected IoT device innovation. We have an extensive focus on custom software development primarily integration with geo-spatial components.

system architecture

NAG designs and implements technology architectures that keep pace with an ever-changing digital business environment. Implementing new technologies to address changing business needs begins by building a scale-able architecture environments.