Enabling smart and efficient response through real-time actionable analytics, TALLY123 provides a live sentiment pulse for citizens, customers and patrons to help them keep up with today's dynamic world.

event based targeting

Engage audiences in targeted areas before, during or after events. Learn how events happening in a specific area affects sentiments of respondents over time. Examples are before, during and after natural disasters such as hurricanes, or after a mass shooting.

sentiment change alerts

Set triggers for different survey/poll updates in any geographic locations to keep up-to-date on how sentiments change in real-time. NAG provides live sentiment analysis for stakeholders to achieve advanced input accuracy for decision making platforms.

Municipality / neighborhood map

Overlay on maps every detail about neighborhoods that are polled to get a better understanding of audiences. NAG leverages 27 years of experience in 2D/3D/4D/AR/VR mapping local, state, & federal government to provide a complete picture of local to national redevelopment areas, crime, polling, healthcare issues, and countless other things.

analytics dashboard

NAG specialization is in real-time analytics & visualization with the U.S. Government since 1991 and provides drill-down content which outperforms any other campaign solution.

Auto Polling

Powerful tools for accurate voter sentiment analysis over time — NO surprises. This powerful time & location based polling solution in moment based on current events.


Direct communications to specific, micro-targeted interest groups — with messages relevant to each via: Email, Social Media, Phone Calls & Direct Mail. Conserve resources and save on costs by streamlining communications to high propensity voters and targeted interest groups.


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