NAGconnect is an on-premise and secure cloud enterprise solution, built for and used in the following sectors: Public Safety, Disaster Response, Transportation and Logistics, Utilities, & Real Estate


  1. User captures predefined critical Infrastructure locations
  2. Real-Time connection to Incident Capture (311,511,911, etc.)
  3. Seamless link to multiple systems (police cars, cctv, etc.)
  4. Reporting & Notification for Incident to email, mobile & web.
  5. Mobile/Web Dashboard providing instant updates

event DRIVEN notification (EDN)

EDN is NAG's powerful geo-temporal notification engine allows communicates and allows for event-driven awareness by allowing users to set predefined locations with radius or polygon buffer areas as part of the notification criteria. As soon as an event is detected or reported, EDN sends activity report notification instantaneously to each pre-identified stakeholders.

Municipality / neighborhood map

Overlay on maps every detail about neighborhoods that are polled to get a better understanding of audiences. NAG leverages 27 years of experience in 2D/3D/4D/AR/VR mapping local, state, & federal government to provide a complete picture of local to national redevelopment areas, crime, polling, healthcare issues, and countless other things.


GTiP is a real-time situational tracking solution that monitors first responder movements. The application alerts Emergency Operations Centers of field personnel. NAG’s application is officially certified by the Motorola Laboratory in Schaumburg, IL. GTiP is a fully integrated centralized emergency management and communications platform.

analytics dashboard

NAG specialization is in real-time analytics & visualization with the U.S. Government since 1991 and provides drill-down content which outperforms any other incident management solution.

real-time threat detection

NAG connects to multiple end-points in near real-time to provide a seamless visualization of information across domains. These modules are used for cyber security, real-estate, public safety, emergency response and several other sectors.


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