NAG GEO Platform

NAG real-time geo-spatial platform which is used to build several on-premise and enterprise secure cloud web and mobile apps created for several different organizations.


MAP.REPORT is a real-time mapping platform which allows thousands of users to collaborate in a mapping environment. This platform allows users to communicate, document, visualize and analyze countless assets for several different sectors: during emergencies, education, utility mapping, aerospace mapping, etc. Integrated machine learning and AI allows this system to validate and make recommendations to users.

Tally123 - live survey and analysis

Engage your patrons in real-time. Enabling smart and efficient response through real-time actionable analytics, Tally123 provides a live pulse for citizens, customers, or patrons that help them keep up with today's dynamic world.


NAG Campaigns, is a Complete Campaign Platform, built on secure real-time technology. This system drives change through-out the political life-cycle. Solution includes: fundraising; auto-polling; canvassing; voter outreach; micro targeting; and campaign analytics.

NAG Connect

NAGCONNECT is the ultimate browser based real-time mobile workforce management tool. It allows instant analysis of the situation around the mobile workforce, enables effective communication across the enterprise and effortless mobile field personnel management worldwide. NC Does the following: Workforce Logistics (WL), Dashboards (DASH), Drive for Work (DFW), Field Survey and Data collection (FS), Automated Publishing (AP), Event driven Notification (EDN)