Campaign Management

A one-stop campaign management platform consisting of various products and teams of subject matter experts (SME) to allow customers to run successful private / public campaigns which engage, inform, excite and motivate people. Keep an eye on opponents, stay in control of communications, track information and distribute to relevant teams.

Manage campaigns like a 911 operations call center running 24/7. Scale operations from small-scale grassroots efforts using mobile phones to large-scale efforts communicating with thousands of employees and volunteers using command and control centers and large screen displays. Get live alerts about situations as they arise in the geographic locations of interest.


Analyze population segments and organize them into manageable segments associated with competitors to devise strategies to optimize supporters and gain support from undecided groups. Build and evolve, personal relationship with communities with the integration of targeted social media and outreach methods.

location based alerts

Set triggers for different things happening in any geographic locations to keep up-to-date on events by connecting with publicly available local government feeds for 911, 511 etc, and social media updates.

Municipality / neighborhood map

Know every detail about neighborhoods where campaigns are handled. NAG leverages 27 years of experience in 2D/3D/4D/AR/VR mapping local, state, & federal government to provide a complete picture of local to national redevelopment areas, crime, polling, healthcare issues, and countless other things.

analytics dashboard

NAG specialization is in analytics & visualization with the U.S. Government since 1991, and provides drill-down content which outperforms any other campaign solution.


Automate fundraising function — use a seamless online solution to expand fundraising outreach. NAG provides technologies and capabilities which allow fundraising outreach and targeting large groups of donors.

Auto Polling

Powerful tools for accurate voter sentiment analysis — NO surprises. NAG uses TALLY123, it's time and location based polling solution to keep up to date with citizen and customer sentiment on on-going issues that change every moment based on current events.


Direct communications to specific, micro-targeted interest groups — with messages relevant to each via: Email, Social Media, Phone Calls & Direct Mail. Conserve resources and save on costs by streamlining communications to high propensity voters and targeted interest groups.

canvassing app

Track and manage volunteers, employees & communicate with them remotely from any location while teams are deployed in field locations. Survey / poll targeted areas by gathering accurate neighborhood information by going door-to-door.

volunteer / TEAM management

Organize Volunteers on CRM Platform, Avoid redundancy or duplication of effort,. Assign areas near resource to gather up-to-date information for neighborhoods in their area.


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